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Self Study Guide: Water Quality for Device Reprocessing
What you don’t know can hurt patients, instruments, and equipment.
by Richard Schule, BS MBA, FCS, FAST | Director of Clinical Education at STERIS

Water can contain contaminants that are organic, or inorganic and microorganisms can survive and even multiply in water. Water is used in healthcare facilities for essential functions including hygiene, infection prevention, and device reprocessing during cleaning & decontamination as well as steam sterilization and other processes. Poor water quality can reduce the efficiency, life of equipment, and can contribute to infections and toxic reactions. There can be unintended consequences when attempting to correct water quality issues – and what you don’t know could potentially harm equipment or patients.

To better understand Water Quality for Reprocessing Medical Devices, STERIS University has put together a number of resources including a Non-CE Article “Water Quality: The Source Matters” as well as 1.0 CE Online Course: “Water Quality for Reprocessing Medical Devices

To further promote the importance of water quality STERIS Corporation has partnered with Health Purchasing News (HPN) magazine to bring you a Self-Study Guide on this topic titled “Water Quality for Device Reprocessing: What you don’t know can hurt patients, instruments, and equipment.

The Objectives for this Self-Study Guide are to:

  1. Explain the uses for water in instrument reprocessing cycles.
  2. Discuss how poor water quality can affect processes, instruments and patients.
  3. Understand how to use AAMI TIR 34 as a resource for managing water quality.

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This self-study lesson was developed by STERIS, however, is administered by KSR Publishing, Inc. – the publishers of “Healthcare Purchasing News” magazine. CE credit can be obtained by following the instructions included in the article, and are not provided by STERIS.