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The importance of a quality management system (QMS) in the sterile processing department is increasingly more evident, as shown by the development of ANSI-AAMI ST90 “Reprocessing of health care products — Quality management systems for reprocessing”. There is also common thread in recent news stories about the challenges in device reprocessing which is being overlooked: The lack of systemic communication and the implementation of QMS is limiting the success of a new generation of Central Service leaders.


To discuss Management’s responsibility to support and empower central service technicians as part of a quality management system, STERIS University has partnered with IAHCSMM’s Communiqué magazine to provide you with a CHL Self-Study Lesson Plan. This lesson plan provides IAHCSMM Members with ongoing education focusing on supervisory or management issues. This lesson is designed for CHL re-certification, but can be of value to any CRCST in a management or supervisory role. Each quiz with a passing score of 70% or higher is worth 2 CEs towards CHL or CRCST re-certification.

Learning Objectives for this CHL Self-Study Lesson Plan are to…

1. Identify industry standards and resources that support leadership and management responsibility in the Central Service Department.
2. Explain the important role leadership plays in empowering Central Service technicians on the outcome of product quality.
3. Demonstrate documentation that supports communication with customers and transparency within the Central Service Department.

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