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Healthcare professionals should strive to complete each step of device reprocessing with the highest degree of care and quality, in the name of patient safety. It is a duty of all CS leadership and a responsibility of those who proudly display the CHL credential to advance their knowledge and continually improve processes within the CS department. Periodic device testing, process evaluation, ongoing training, and comprehensive documentation all play an important part in equipment performance qualifications, and the delivery of safe, sterile and well functioning instruments that promote patient safety and positive outcomes.

To review periodic device testing, STERIS University has partnered with IAHCSMM’s Communiqué magazine to provide you with a CHL Self-Study Lesson Plan. This lesson plan provides IAHCSMM Members with ongoing education focusing on supervisory or management issues. This lesson is designed for CHL re-certification, but can be of value to any CRCST in a management or supervisory role. Each quiz with a passing score of 70% of higher is worth 2 CEs towards CHL or CRCST re-certification. Visit the IAHCSMM Website for Testing

Learning Objectives for this CHL Self-Study Lesson Plan:

1. Identify industry standards and resources that support periodic device testing for steam sterilization, and learn factors that contribute to moisture events.
2. Explain the methods and attributes used to identify product families.
3. Demonstrate how documentation supports equipment performance qualifications as a part of good quality management systems.
4. Learn how the use of checklists can prevent process missteps and support a periodic device testing program.

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This CHL Self-Study Lesson Plan was sponsored by STERIS, however is administered by IAHCSMM. CE credit can be obtained by following the instructions included in the article, and are not provided by STERIS.