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Membership not limited to the SPD

In a hospital, every healthcare professional will tell you they have their own job to do and are pressed for time. This may well be true; each professional in the OR and SPD certainly has important and specific duties and responsibilities he or she must execute. Although they are segregated in different areas of the hospital, the OR and the SPD are “tied at the hip.” They depend on each other to achieve safe, successful surgical and diagnostic procedures that bring benefits to the patient and revenue to the hospital. Members of these two departments comprise the core of the surgical instrument protection team because they handle the same tools and serve the same “Customers;” the surgical patients and the surgeons, within the same admission periods.

To educate on how membership to the Surgical Instrument Protection Team is not limited to the SPD, STERIS University has partnered with Health Purchasing News (HPN) magazine to bring you a Self Study Article on this topic.

Learning Objectives for the Self-Study Article are to:

1. Explain the value of standards and guidelines for a hospital’s reprocessing policies and procedures.
2. Discuss who comprises the surgical instrument protection team, and why.
3. Detail key standards and guidelines that should be incorporated into an effective instrument protection program

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This self-study lesson was developed by STERIS, however is administered by KSR Publishing, Inc. – the publishers of “Healthcare Purchasing News” magazine. CE credit can be obtained by following the instructions included in the article, and are not provided by STERIS.