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Forethought can lead to more economical equipment ownership and operation.

What does TCO mean in today’s healthcare environment, particularly when a major capital expenditure is being considered for a sterile processing department? TCO analysis should involve looking beyond the price of the unit, which might or might not include additional immediate and long-term costs to the buyer.

To assist in the understanding the total cost of ownership in the sterile processing department, STERIS University has partnered with Health Purchasing News (HPN) magazine to bring you a Self Study Guide on this topic.

Learning Objectives for the Self-Study Guide are to:

  1. Explain the concept of total cost of ownership and how it relates to medical devices in the sterile processing department
  2. Discuss direct and indirect costs of TCO for different types of sterilization and disinfection equipment
  3. Discuss recurring costs and other factors that impact TCO for reprocessing departments

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This self-study lesson was developed by STERIS, however is administered by KSR Publishing, Inc. – the publishers of “Healthcare Purchasing News” magazine. CE credit can be obtained by following the instructions included on the article, and are not provided by STERIS.