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Steam sterilization cycles are designed to remove air, heat the load and sterilize it, then dry the load according to the specifications of the sterilizer manufacturer. Under normal, validated operating conditions, the devices and sets in the load should be dry following sterilization. The observation of water remaining on or in a sterilized load/pack is a concern. This is commonly referred to as a ‘wet pack’. Wet packs can be considered non-sterile, are a cause for load/pack rejection and rework. This can cause delays in sterilization services and surgical procedures.

Below we have provided useful guides, as well as templates to help you begin your moisture assessment.

Download the Guides:

Wet Pack Troubleshooting Workbook
Preparation and Packaging Best Practices

Download the Templates:

Wet Pack Log Template
Wet Pack Checklist
Team Roster Template
Wet Pack Meeting Minutes Template