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4 Courses

Less than 1 Credit Hour

Endoscopy Processing

Scope Tracking Workflow Solutions in the GI and Endoscopy Space

Tracking systems are common and essential in parts of your hospital such as sterile processing, but what do you have to gain from adopting an electronic documentation system within the GI and Endoscopy space? This webinar explores the benefits of a scope tracking workflow solution, discusses how such systems can lead staff through complex tasks in a structured and disciplined manner, and explains the importance of data capture and conforming documentation. 


- Identify key benefits of a Scope Tracking Workflow Solution within the GI and Endoscopy space​

- Discuss how configurable guided workflows in the workflow solution can lead staff through complex tasks in a structured and disciplined manner​

- Explain the importance of data capture and documentation of all processes on conforming outcomes, quality standards and performance measurement

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  • Less than 1 Credit Hour100 (Beginner)

    Endoscopy Processing

    The Care and Handling of Rigid Endoscopes - Study Guide

    Rigid endoscopy has become increasingly popular with each new minimally invasive technique introduced. Sterile processing technicians must be aware of the unique processing requirements for these sophisticated yet delicate devices. Walk through the history of rigid endoscopy and discover those processing considerations unique to them.

    Course Objectives: 

    • Review the major components of rigid endoscopes; and 
    • Discuss the proper care of rigid scopes when reprocessing

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  • Less than 1 Credit Hour100 (Beginner)

    Endoscopy Processing

    Introduction to the Endoscopy Department

    Welcome to the Gastroenterological Endoscopy Department. Let’s review the role, location and professionals found in the GI Department. Examine basic endoscope anatomy and common medical procedures that will take place in the Gastroenterological Endoscopy Department.

    Course Objectives:

    • Explain the role and location of the Endoscopy Department in the hospital
    • Explain the role of each healthcare professional found in the Endoscopy Department
    • Identify the basic equipment and types of scopes used in the Endoscopy Department
    • Identify the types of procedures performed in the Endoscopy Department

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  • 1-2 Credit Hours

    Endoscopy Processing

    HLD or Sterilization: Is there a Choice Webinar

    Flexible endoscopes have traditionally undergone high level disinfection with sterilization being an alternative process but not required. Today’s headlines feature higher than expected contamination rates of duodenoscopes and multiple outbreaks of antibiotic-resistant organisms linked to flexible endoscope processing. It begs the question, is high level disinfection enough or is sterilization needed? Find the answer here.

    Course Objectives:

    • Describe the levels of microbiocidal activity for medical devices
    • Discuss the importance of sterilization for high-risk flexible endoscopes and endoscopic procedures
    • Identify 3 considerations when selecting a sterilization process for flexible endoscopes

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