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Infection Prevention

Now Playing, Biofilms: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - Study Guide

Moisture, food and a surface; three things biofilms need, and your water lines supply. In fact, more places in sterile processing have what it takes to grow biofilms. See the good, understand the bad, and get rid of the ugly that biofilms bring to sterile processing.

Course Objectives: 

  • Define what biofilms are.
  • Identify how biofilms can impact patients.
  • Describe steps in the management and prevention of biofilm development and the healthcare professional’s role in this effort.

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  • 1 Credit Hour

    Infection Prevention

    Aldehyde Resistant Organisms: The Impact in Healthcare - Study Guide

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported close to nine thousand cases of tuberculosis (TB) in 2019 with 13 million people estimated to have a latent TB infection in the USA. Nonturbercolosis Mycobacteria (NTB) cause nodules, plaques, ulcerations, joint stiffness, fever, and even death. Aldehyde disinfectants have long been used to prevent the spread of mycobacterium within healthcare facilities. The advent of aldehyde resistant mycobacterium species threatens the facility’s ability to control these deadly bacteria. It is time to consider the risk to your facility and adopt practices and processes that addresses aldehyde resistant mycobacterium. 


    Course Objectives: 

    • Define aldehyde-resistant organisms and the facts concerning these microorganisms. 
    • Discuss the occurrence of aldehyde-resistant organisms and the steps that are taken to prevent the spread of infection.

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    Infection Prevention

    Breaking the Chain of Infection in SPD

    Germs: It’s not just what they are, but how they move around that you need to worry about. Learn what causes infections, how infectious agent move to the next person and where you can help break the chain of infection in the SPD.

    Course Objectives:
    • Name the three factors that contribute to the spread of infection
    • State the infection transmission pathways
    • Identify ways to break the chain of infection in SPD

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